Value of Cheap Fares at Jetstar

Low cost carriers generally offers lower fares than those of the regular airlines. However, because of the regular specials and different fare classes, and the difference in the prices of fares through the call centre, it is often difficult to tell how much of a saving there is from other established non budget airlines.

Once you get past the advertised prices, and consider all the extras like baggage charges, seat allocation, priority boarding and meal costs, the price of the fare is usually not quite what you originally thought.

Then add in the airport taxes and charges and your very cheap ticket may have become more than you thought.

There are other issues to take into account as well. You may need to be at the airport earlier that other airlines and if you miss the check in deadline, you lose your flight. The airport may be harder to get to than the normal airport and may require longer and costlier travel. There may be no frequent flier program. And if you are delayed or your flight is cancelled, you may not be compensated.

These are issues that you may not have to worry about with other airlines.

What are your thoughts on the discounts provided by Jetstar Airways?

Do you prefer to use the non budget carriers because of the full service?

Or is the price saving from Jetstar Airways worth a possible sacrifice of service?

Any other comments about Jetstar Airways cheap fares compared with other airlines?

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