Service of Flight Attendants on Jetstar

There may be a difference in the priorities of flight attendants between major carriers and low cost carriers.

On major carriers, like Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines, flight attendants or the flight crew are there to provide a service, free of charge. That may mean bringing you a meal or providing you with a pillow or blanket.

On budget airlines the priority may be different. After fulfilling the normal tasks of safety and ensuring the aircraft is in order, some budget carrier flight attendants move into selling mode. All items which are provided free of charge on major carriers are usually sold by the budget carrier's attendants.

This may include the blankets and pillows, as well as food and drinks. Therefore, the service can be different on low cost or budget carriers.

How have you found the service provided by the Jetstar Flight Attendants?

Have they been helpful to you or other passengers?

Do the flight attendants on Jetstar have a pleasant and friendly attitude?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Jetstar Flight Attendants?

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