Flight Change Issues or Problems on Jetstar

Most airlines, have terms and conditions that apply to changing your flight. This can range from not being able to change your flight because of the nature of the booking, to changing the booking but being charged a service fee and making up the difference in the cost of the fare.

Fees may be different if you change your fare online to making contact with the call centre.

How have you found changing fares with Jetstar?

Is it a simple process?

Are the Jetstar fees and charges too much or reasonable?

Any other issues?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. My daughter booked return tickets for herself and her brother on 25 May. As soon as she paid she realised her return date was 25 June instead of 27 May.
    We phoned Jetstar immediately and it has now cost us ANOTHER $260 to change the return trip. What happened to customer relations, it was an innocent mistake and realised immediately??
    Sure won't be flying with you blokes again.

  2. Similar thing happened to me, but I realised I made the mistake seconds after I booked (I was out by one day). To change my flight it was cheaper for me to simply purchase the tickets (for the right day) again (same price, same time). If I were to change my existing flights it was going to cost more than twice the amount and that was with the incentive of a $50 voucher for “my inconvenience” (whoop-di-do). Now, surely that disadvantages Jetstar to some degree too right? I mean, if I simply purchase another ticket then those seats I originally purchased go empty, surely! Where as if they were to offer a better incentive to change my booking then they could sell those previous seats on again – everyone wins, sort of.

    Ok, so I purchased the cheapest tickets and I have to accept blame for my honest mistake (by the way, I swear the date didn’t appear on the same screen that has the ‘confirm payment’ button, but that’s another story), and expect to be penalised for this in some way, but their ‘fair rules’ are seriously ridiculous.

    Well, if I can get some customer satisfaction by bad mouthing Jetstar for my experience, then that’s something at least. And of course, for others who see this, well they might also think twice about this budget but mean airline. If you do, be very careful not to make a mistake like I did. I’m pretty sure Virgin aren’t this mean to its customers.

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